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West Bend Appliances for Your Homes Kitchen

For kitchen cooking gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier

Recently celebrating their 100th year anniversary in 2011, West Bend has established themselves as a leading provider of small kitchen appliances designed to make ones kitchen activities simpler. Making fresh homemade bread just the way you like it has never been easier with one of our West Bend bread makers. Give your freshly baked bread a nice toast with one of our West Bend toasters, or toaster ovens which are also great for baking, broiling or toasting a wider range of foods. Some additional dining appliances that we carry include West Bend slow cookers for preparing nutritious meals, electric steamers to steam foods, and a waffle maker for cooking up perfect waffles. Make life easier with West Bend kitchen appliances today.

Panasonic Kitchen Appliances

Fast and easy to use Panasonic rice cookers,
meat grinders, bread makers and more

Fill your home with the wholesome aroma of freshly baked bread when you use one of our Panasonic bread makers. These bread making machines basically pay for themselves due to their quality, convenience, ease of use and clean up, and most importantly all the healthy loafs of bread you will get to make and share with friends and loved ones. We also feature a Panasonic meat grinder for a fast and easy way to grind your own meat, as well as electric rice cookers and warmers to prepare large portions of rice to be served with meals. At Bread Makers Pro, find the Panasonic appliances you need to have in your kitchen to prepare meats, rices, breads and more.

Black and Decker Kitchen Appliances

For top of the line kitchen counter appliances
that enhance your food making abilities

For over 50 years Black and Decker appliances have been recognized for their quality, durability and value. At Bread Makers Pro, we want you to experience the benefits from using kitchen counter appliances from the Black & Decker® Home line. Grating, slicing, shredding, chopping and mixing ingredients for meals has never been easier when you use one of the Black and Decker food processors we offer. Start your day of right by fixing up the perfect waffle using one of our waffle makers, or use one of our Black and Decker toaster ovens to toast bread, bake snacks or heat small meals.

Presto Kitchen Appliances

For quality kitchen appliances you can trust

With over a century of proven quality in countertop appliances and kitchen accessories, Presto has become a well known and industry leading manufacturer of electric housewares for one of the most important room in ones home, the kitchen. Founded in 1905, National Presto got its start by producing high quality pressure canners for commercial canneries, and years later for peoples homes. Through time however, the company has expanded into the production of several other types of kitchen machines for households, including their uniquely designed Pizzazz pizza maker, as well as their fast and easy popcorn makers. At Bread Makers Pro, we also carry a selection of Presto pressure cookers for preparing nutritious and healthful meals, as well as Presto griddles and grills that are great for making a hardy breakfasts to start off the day. Love the taste of deep fried foods? We also carry a fine selection of Presto deep fryers along with several other Presto appliances for your homes kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Kitchen Appliances

For industry leading small electric appliances

Selling over 35 million products every year, Hamilton Beach has been established as a leading provider of small kitchen appliances. Hamilton Beach appliances are designed with the commitment to making consumers daily lives easier, by giving them the appliances and accessories they need to prepare a larger variety of beverages, snacks and meals right in their own home. At Bread Makers Pro, we carry Hamilton Beach toasters and toaster ovens that are great for evenly toasting breads, warming foods, baking small dishes and more. Our Hamilton Beach slow cookers, grills, deep fryers and rice cookers are all great for preparing full meals, side dishes or tasty appetizers. Other electrical kitchen appliances that we carry include our Hamilton Beach stand mixers for whipping up mix for baked goods, and food processors for chopping up fruits, vegetables and any other food items you please.

 Product Information 
Ankarsrum Original Mixer/Matt Red [Ankarsrum Original Mixer/Matt Red]
Price: $699.00
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BreadMakersPro introduces the Swedish made Magic Mill DLX Verona Assistent Mixer.

The Verona Assistent has been revered for 50 years as the greatest all-around stand mixer and its outstanding strength also make it a world-class dough mixer. The Ankarsrum Original mixer has an impeccable reputation for long term reliability and quality. Whether you're making a cake, whipping a meringue, or baking as many as ten loaves of scrumptious bread the Verona Assistent will produce professional quality results.

This DLX Verona mixer is truly worthy of the title Assistant with a wide range of attachments available. The Verona/Magic Mixer is a heavy duty mixer that is unexcelled in turning out fantastic bread dough. The DLX Mixer (Magic Mill) is ideal for kneading. The unique roller and scraper design mimic kneading bread by hand. Your dough comes out smooth and silky and the gluten is thoroughly developed.

With the Verona/Magic Mill’s whisk beater bowl you will create beautiful meringues. It will beat from 1 up to 18 egg whites with perfect results.

The high torque 600 watt motor on the Verona Assistent DLX Mixer is quiet and smooth and is capable of mixing up to 7 lbs of flour in one mixing. It has a variable rate adjustment speed from 40 to 140 RPM and the speed sensor automatically adjusts the torque to the load.

With the 12 minute timer and auto shut off you can be doing other things while the Verona Magic Mill DLX Assistant is mixing, kneading or whipping. This Magic Mill DXL Mixer is the perfect solution for cooks who need excellent performance from their primary kitchen appliance.

The Verona Magic Mill DLX Deluxe Pack includes the latest N30 Verona Assistent mixer, high capacity stainless steel bowl w/cover, roller, scraper and dough hook, poly beater-bowl with drive shaft and standard whips, the new cake beater whisk, and instructional DVD.

Measurements 13.5HX10.5"WX15.7"D
weight 19.0 lbs.
2 yrs. parts and labor manufacturers warranty
1 yr. on attachments

Shipping charges are included in the price of this product. Do
not add shipping charges when ordering this item.